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Labour Minister announces initiatives to provide aid to retrenched workers

Labour Minister announces initiatives to provide aid to retrenched workers

OAS workersLabour Minister, Jennifer Baptiste-Primus, announced initiatives to provide aid to retrenched workers yesterday. Among these services, psychological and financial counseling are intended to assist newly-unemployed persons and their families.

According to reports, a special hotline will also be utilized to connect unemployed persons to a series of services. Other measures announced includes a $600,000 expo next week where financial agencies intend to be lenient towards retrenched workers. This consists of expanding the period of time and reduction of monthly payments to those who had loans or mortgages.
Programs to be run by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development are also intended to assist by absorbing construction workers.

Baptiste-Primus also stated that talks about providing aid to other Caribbean countries, with the Foreign and Caricom Affairs Minister, Denis Moses, are underway.

Baptiste-Primus, at a Cabinet media briefing held yesterday, reported that feedback has been positive thus far.

She said however, that the State would not be able to provide jobs for all retrenched workers


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    The mighty Trinifeak 2 years

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