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Labour Ministerassures that Retrenchment and Severance Act is of top priority

Labour Ministerassures that Retrenchment and Severance Act is of top priority

The Senate is told that the government is not in a position to give a precise date for the introduction of the amendment to the Retrenchment and Severance Act in the parliament.

Jennifer Baptiste Primus

Labour Minister Jennifer Baptiste Primus

However, Labour Minister, Jennifer Baptiste Primus, assured that the issue is of top priority to the government.

She said at present the Ministry is holding consultation with various stakeholders on the act and only after this process is completed then it can be carried to another level.



The Act was a hot topic following the decision of multi-national company Arcelor Mittal to close its operations locally.

The company said the move was taken due to a slowdown in steel activity on the international market and a decline in profits.


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    Jerry Hussain 2 years

    I do hope this so-called Minister does not do like her presuccessor and sell us all out for a few pieces of silver. The ex Union Laurel union money boss put in the Yara contract that you cannot benefit but both Workmans Compensation and Severance ( I was at the receiving end of this) both far different benefits awarded for far different reasons by insurance or assurance from two very different institutions. As it turns out despite all the hype about OSHA in T&T with no injury benefits thanks to EOC and others the company injure you against your will and threats or cause you to be injured for life as in my case and pays you nothing ( instead you fight the their Insures in court on PPD level via their fraudulent medics) – and you have to pay a damn good lawyer recommended by a crooked judge (all you find out beyond the 4 year period) to fight the matter in the Civil Court …all as crooked as the North American systems they copy and they follow where everything becomes highly political and funded by the filthy rich money societal spinners. So does the goodly Minister really know what she is up against or is she playing all ah we? God again will decide.