Christopher James- President of the Tobago Hoteliers Association.

Head of the Hoteliers Association in Tobago Chris James is today saying that the majority of properties are doing their best to stay open, however this is no small feat.

Mr. James explained that in the last ten years things have deteriorated, with international arrivals stagnating to approximately 19, 400 persons, annually.

Mr. James said this stems from the island becoming more dependent on domestic tourism. He said this in turn, has proven disastrous in the past 18 months. The Tourism head lamented that a lack of destination marketing by the relative authorities, has led to an overall decline in tourist arrivals.

He said that the decline in tourist arrivals is closely linked with a lack of .

He said airlines won’t come if there is no demand for the destination and articulated that if there is a demand, the island would then get the airlift, and this would be followed by an interest in persons seeking to invest and upgrade properties. Mr. James revealed that for 2017 there was a 30% occupancy rate and strongly argued that the situation must be dealt with, with a level of urgency.