The membership of the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago has voted in favor of making a recommendation to the Prime Minister to trigger impeachment proceedings against Chief Justice, Ivor Archie.

The law body started a probe into allegations of misconduct against the CJ following reports of claims that he used his office to benefit his friends.

Mr Archie had challenged that investigation via the courts but lost, despite maintaining that the LATT had no power under the constitution to investigate his actions.

President of the Law Association, Douglas Mendez, speaking with reporters on Tuesday shared the results of the vote which took place at a special meeting of the General Council.


Meanwhile, Senior Council Martin Daly says hopefully now members of the judiciary could get answers.

Speaking in a televised interview, he explained that the Chief Justice still has questions to answer.

Mr Daly added that judges should not be using their office to get favours from anyone.

He asserted that this sort of behaviour could compromise the judicial system.