General Secretary of the group Fishermen and Friends of the Sea, Gary Aboud, says more legislation is not the solution to addressing oil spills within Trinidad and Tobago waters.

His comments come after Deputy Chairman of the Environmental Management Authority, Judy Daniel, called for improved legislation to help with the prosecution of oil spill culprits.

She highlighted the matter during a Public Accounts Committee Sitting on Wednesday.

Ms Daniel claimed that weak legislation has prevented the EMA from taking action against persons who violate the marine environment.


FFOS Wants More Action

However, speaking with News Power, Mr Aboud said the problem was leadership not legislation.

He suggested that the prosecution…or lack thereof…of persons responsible for oil spills was a political decision.

Mr Aboud agreed there needs to be an increase in fines but went on to argue that more legislation was an illogical approach to the issue


Also at the sitting was EMA Managing Director, Hayden Romano. He assured the public that the probe into the most recent oil spill continues.