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Legislative Review Committee to be presented at the end of the month…

Business NewsAfter years of lobbying and calls for public procurement legislation, the Legislative Review Committee (LRC) will be presented at the end of the month.

Planning Minister, Dr Bhoe Tewarie, says a bill should be presented by the end of the month once it is reviewed by the Chief Parliamentary Counsel. Bhoe

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Joint Select Committee that was set up to draft procurement legislation as Opposition members boycotted the committee, claiming the Government was not serious.

They cited the Invaders Bay Project and light transit system from City Gate to Arima.

Minister Tewarie also gave a response to comments made by political leader of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ), David Abdullah, at a press conference on Sunday in which he called for the public procurement legislation which was promised in the People’s Partnership manifesto three years ago during the general elections.

Tewarie said that he was being very careful with the matter as it is not in his hands at this time.

He added that when he receives the draft it will be taken to Cabinet and then to Parliament to be debated….