Amid the weight of the Coronavirus pandemic and the global economic backlash, a new situation is rearing its head in the United States- that of inequality and violence being perpetrated against African Americans, and while this is nothing new, the outcry for an end to the disparity, is suddenly intensifying.

Superstar entertainer, Lizzo is the latest celebrity to speak out against white supremacy, in a social media post that hears her explain that the system in itself has served justly, those who she says it was created for. She goes on to highlight the need for a system overhaul, one that would allow equality and fairness.

Lizzo’s social media remarks come one day after a 21-year-old military veteran was shot dead in Indianapolis. On Tuesday video footage recovered from a February shooting of a 25-year-old black man in Georgia, showed that the young man, Ahmaud Arbery had been gunned down by a father and son Caucasian combo, armed with rifles. Arbery was unarmed.