Local Government Councillor for Palo Seco, Christine Neptune, admits there is some difficulty in securing the borders of the South Eastern Peninsula.

Ms Neptune said the makeup of the peninsula lends itself to the creation of many illegal points of entry.

She she believes, however, that the authorities are doing the best the could with the resources at their disposal.


Border Security Imperative

But General Secretary of Fishermen and Friends of the Sea Gary Aboud says it is imperative that the issue of border security is addressed now.

He said there is an increased risk for fishermen because they are being bullied out of their communities.

Mr Aboud said that often times there is an illegal arms and substance trade taking place.

He stated that the Government insists on purchasing vessels that are not the right fit and which don’t work for us.

He claimed that the Government refuses to hold consultations with fishermen even though they have pertinent information on illegal contraband making its way into the country.