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Local Government Election: Three way split would benefit PNM, NACTA…


pnm logo_2The North American Caribbean Teachers Association’s (NACTA) , ongoing tracking opinion poll, reveals a three-way split in voter support for the People’s National Movement (PNM), People’s Partnership and the Independent Liberal Party (ILP).ILP LOGO

The poll, which seeks to determine the outcome of Monday’s local government elections, says the outcome is unpredictable except in some regional corporations which were traditionally won by the PNM.

The poll found that while the traditional PNM base remained largely intact, the Partnership’s base is split, with almost half going to the newly formed ILP.

NACTA says the splitting of the votes puts the PNM as the front runner in seats and corporations that it would never have won in a two-way contest, especially in heartland UNC areas.

UNC logoNACTA says the COP only has a chance in seats where the UNC has traditionally been strong, and even in these seats, it faces an uphill battle against the ILP.

The tracking survey has been conducted over the last month interviewing 3,300 voters.