Local Islamist group, The Islamic Front, is demanding a full explanation from the authorities as to why an Islamic scholar was denied entry into this country

A media release from the head of the Islamic Front, Umar Abdullah, said that on December 8th Shaykh Abu ‘Umar Usamah ibn ‘Atiyah al-‘Utaybi arrived at the ANR Robinson International Airport

However, after walking off a Virgin Atlantic flight the Shaykh was flagged as an orange alert

Mr. Abdullah questioned how the Islamic scholar could have been flagged as an orange alert after having passed through airport security at Gatwick International Airport in England

The Shaykh was scheduled to spend two weeks in this country during which time would have covered several small books conducted general lectures

Mr. Abdullah insists that claims by local immigration officers that the Shaykh is an orange alert was fabricated in light of the fact traveled from Medina to Dubai then on to Gatwick where he stayed in transit for 14 hours and then to Tobago.

The Islamic Front is asking that, in addition to a written apology that the Government compensate both the Shaykh and Muwahhideen Publications for the money and effort spent in arranging his visit.