Inspite of their activism against same sex marriage, one religious leader insists the group is not opposed to sexual lifestyles of such persons.

Open Bible pastor Winston Mansingh is head of the Faith-based network, which he describes as an umbrella assembly of varying religious groups. The group maintains that based on spiritual and moral values there will continue to be passionate resistance when attempts are made  to have such preference, become law.

Pastor Mansingh made the comments on the State of the Nation Programme on Power 102.1FM this afternoon. He was among a group of religious leaders who met in a special session on Monday at Archbishop’s House, office of Roman Catholic Archbishop of Trinidad and Tobago, the most Reverend Jason Gordon.

The leaders held a news conference indicating their opposition to same-sex marriage being allowed in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as against any amendment to equality laws aimed at disallowing discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation.

He said even though such practices have been adopted in other countries around the world, it was a question of values, and these should not be embraced locally.