Reports that there is a shortage of blood supply at various hospitals throughout the country have surfaced.

This has resulted in surgeries being delayed.

Medical director of the San Fernando General Hospital Dr. Anand Chattergoon confirmed the latest update in an interview with News Power Now this morning.

He revealed however those surgeries that did not necessitate a blood transfusion were still being conducted by surgeons at the nation’s hospitals.


He explained that there was a shortage of Reagents.

Reagents are used to test the blood to ensure that it is safe for use.

He also disclosed that Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh as well as the Chief medical Officer Dr. Clyde Teeluckdharry were both aware of the situation.


He said that he was given the assurance that the situation would be rectified soon.

He also divulged that the blood supply that was available at the hospitals would be used for those who had emergence situations.


Medical director of the San Fernando General Hospital Dr. Anand Chattergoon.
Meanwhile a release from the e North West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA) sought to ensure the public that it has been working alongside the Ministry of Health and the National Blood Transfusion Service over the past few days to ensure that there has been a safe and adequate supply of blood for patients accessing care at the institutions serviced by the Authority.

The National Blood Transfusion Service was recently unable to release a steady supply of blood and blood products for use at the nation’s hospitals.

The release noted that this has been addressed by the Ministry of Health and it is expected that the functional capacity of the National Blood Transfusion Service should return to normal by Friday 20 May, 2016.

The release also stated that during this time the North West Health Authority has had an adequate supply of blood and no services were suspended.

All elective and emergency cases were managed without patient care being compromised at any time.

It ended by saying that at 5:00 pm on Thursday 19th May, 2016, the Port of Spain General Hospital had 25 units of blood in stock.