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Low rainfall affects water supply

caroni treatmentThe Water and Sewage Authority says its overall supply position continues to be adversely affected by ‘below normal’ rainfall conditions that have extended into the month of June – which traditionally signals the onset of the Rainy Season.

W.A.S.A. in a statement today said the fact that Trinidad and Tobago experienced a rainfall deficit of 33 percent of the long term average has created a challenge for the Authority in meeting consumer demand.

This situation translates into a 26million gallon shortfall in the Authority’s daily production of water.

The utility said it is against this backdrop, the Authority has had cause to review its Water Management Plan.

It added effective Sunday 8th June; a revised water supply schedule will go into effect for parts of Trinidad.

W.A.S.A. said this will enable the Authority to better manage the distribution of its available supplies, until rainfall conditions improve, with the progression of the Rainy Season.

The existing schedule for Tobago published on April 13th remains in effect.