Strict warning to the public today, this as the Public Health Ordinance is in effect and persons can be arrested for disobeying the restrictions put in place to fight Covid-19 in Trinidad and Tobago.

On Sunday night, two parties in Maloney saw over 100 people gathered, many disregarding the strict warning to wear face masks to protect each other from contracting the potentially deadly virus. So far, there have been 692,000 deaths owed to the COVID-19 virus around the world. Eight of those deaths happened in Trinidad and Tobago.

Last week, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley announced the re-enforcement of initial restrictions, explaining that beginning on Monday, August 3rd, persons would only be allowed to gather in groups of 10. Sunday’s crackdown in Maloney came as police said the persons gathered at both events did not comply with social distancing regulations. The officers said there was no resistance to the police intervention. They are urging all citizens and residents of Trinidad and Tobago to adhere to the Public Health Ordinance as best as possible, for their own safety, or face the consequences.