UPDATED 12 noon: The Victim has passed away at hospital

A woman is now fighting for her life at hospital after her former lover beat her and then committed suicide.

Marabella police said 60- year- old security officer Lloyd Logan met with his former lover, 37 year old taxi driver Kemba Olufemi, at the carpark of Tropical Plaza in Pointe-a-Pierre.

The two began to argue and Logan pulled out his firearm and shot at Olufemi’s car.

He then dragged her out of it and beat her on the head with the gun butt.

At some points in the video, cars can be seen passing by; however, no one intervened.

After beating Olufemi, Police say Logan went back to his car and drank a green substance from a small bottle.

He was taken to San Fernando General Hospital but was pronounced dead.

Olufemi remains warded in critical condition.