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Man sentenced to 18 years hard labour for felony murder of a fisherman.

Man sentenced to 18 years hard labour for felony murder of a fisherman.

Fish boatsLauren Aguillera was yesterday sentenced to 18 years hard labour for the 2005 felony murder of Erin fisherman Ronald King, who was beaten, tied up and thrown overboard during a robbery at sea.

The felony murder rule applies when someone is killed during the commission of an arrestable offence, but the intention was not to kill them.

Aguillera was sentenced by Justice Maria Wilson in the San Fernando Third Assizes.

Aguillera was indicted along with another man for the murder of King, aka ‘Juk yuh waist in 2005.

Aguillera since the incident has been trying to turn his life around by participating in numerous educational programmes at the Maximum Security Prison in Arouca.

According to reports Ronald King went out to sea to fish in the boat, and was reported missing after several hours out on sea.

Around 10.30 pm that day a party of men went out to try to find him and they saw the boat halfway in the water with the engine, icebox and net missing. King was not in the boat.

Earlier that same day, Aguillera admitted that he hit King twice with a piece of wood and assisted the other man in throwing him overboard after tying his hands and feet with rope.

King’s body was found in June by two beachgoers on a beach in La Brea.