While to date there has been no official word on the way forward as it relates to the development of the Maracas Bay beach facility, resident and business owner, Michael Pierre who owns and operates Uncle Sam’s Bake and Shark says he has seen some effort to clear the drains and redirect sewage at the beach.



Pierre, in an interview with  News Power Now, explained that there are unconfirmed rumors that a company has been awarded the contract to continue work at the facility- this after KALCO was removed as a result of issued related to time and budgetary allocations.

Pierre said the state of facility remains an issue for vendors, many of whom have experienced slowed sales as a direct result.


He noted that many visitors to the beach have expressed dissatisfaction with the surroundings of the vending facilities within the Maracas Bay car park.


Owner of Uncle Sam’s Bake And Shark, Michael Pierre.