In responding to the Caribbean Airlines proceedings in the parliament yesterday, former government minister Mariano Browne, has said he was profoundly upset at the manner in which the direction the JSC conducted itself.

He was speaking this morning on the Power Breakfast Show, on Power 102.1FM. He said he felt that the real issues affecting the organisation were not addressed.

He said also that the core function of the JSC is to do research and provide fundamental evidence for a proper discussion, but this was not on display yesterday.

Mr. Brown added that the meeting was unproductive and unable to shape the way forward for the organisation as facts were not presented by the JSC.

He commented that the pressing issue that should have been addressed was how CAL could increase revenues and passenger load while reducing the overhead costs. He again expressed his disappointment in the Joint Select Committee and referred to the seabridge current situation as a perfect example.

He also commented that it is very difficult for CAL to become a profitable organisation especially in the current manner that it is operated. The board is accountable to three separate entities, which is difficult to do, whilst trying to effect change and profitability.