Minister Marlene Mc Donald spent the night at the St Joseph Police Station on Thursday and is expected to be further questioned today, Friday, regarding corruption allegations.

This was confirmed by her lawyer, Pamela Elder SC.

Speaking with reporters outside of the St Joseph Police Station last night. Mrs. Elder said Ms. Mc Donald was not yet charged up to late last night but is expected to be held for further questioning today.

Mrs Elder added that her client has been fully cooperative with the police

Reliable sources indicate that her arrest concerns the distribution of over One million dollars to several organisations by the Ministry of Public Administration back in 2008.But it is reported that the funds were not used for the purpose indicated.

The Integrity Commission exonerated McDonald in 2013 and again in 2016 following the 2013 Calabar Foundation probe.

When asked about the exact charges Ms. Mc Donald could face and the incident(s) which would have led to the investigation and possible charges, Mrs Elder remained tightlipped.

Ms. Mc Donald was seen leaving her constituency office in east Port of Spain in the company of police officers late Thursday afternoon.

Video of this development has been posted on social media.

On Thursday, the Police Service in a statement said officers have been investigating alleged corruption offences, and have arrested and taken into custody, Minister McDonald and her husband for questioning.

Ms. McDonald has now suffered the disgrace of being the first sitting Cabinet minister to be arrested by police. She is currently the Minister of Public Administration.

Police officers made the unprecedented move yesterday when they went to McDonald’s Maracas Valley View home at 4 a.m. and arrested both she and her husband.

Former head of the Fraud Squad Unit, Senior Superintendent Totaram Dookhie, led the operation.