The Prime Minister, Dr. the Honourable Keith Rowley, today advised the President, His Excellency Anthony Carmona to appoint the Port-of-Spain East MP, Marlene McDonald as a Minister in the Ministry of Public Administration and Communications, where she will assist the Prime Minister who continues to hold the portfolio, which he assumed since Minister Maxie Cuffie, fell ill a few months ago.

In making the appointment the Prime Minister, Dr. Rowley said;

“Ms. McDonald can make a valuable contribution to the ministry and I am confident that she will meritoriously perform the duties required as a minister in the ministry”.

Ms. McDonald, in accepting the appointment, pledged to dedicate herself to the business of the ministry and said she was “committed and motivated to perform”.

She will be sworn in at 1:30 pm today, March 1st, at the Office of the President.

Ms. McDonald was first elected to the House of Representatives as the Member for Port-of-Spain South on November 5, 2007, at which time she was appointed Minister of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs.

From 2010 to 2015 she served in Opposition as the Chief Whip.

Ms. Marlene McDonald was re-elected to the House of Representatives of the 11th Parliament on September 7, 2015. Four days later she was appointed Minister of Housing and Urban Development, a position she held until March 17, 2016. Her name has however been shrouded in much controversy stemming from allegations of misconduct in public office during her tenure at Housing Development Minister.

Most recently, Mrs. Mc Donald’s alignment with Cedric “Burkey” Burke, a man who was held by police during the 2011 state of emergency and charged with being a gang leader, led to her termination as Minister of Public Utilities two days after being sworn in to the position. Mc Donald had invited Burke to her swearing in ceremony. Charges against him had however been dropped and Mc Donald had told the media that she had invited Burke to the ceremony.