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Mayaro Government Primary School deemed a fire hazard, parents told to keep children home

NPTA President Zena Ramatali

A fire at the Mayaro Government Primary School on Thursday, has given the school’s PTA no choice but to advise parents not to bring their children to compound.

On Thursday afternoon an electric breaker in a standard one classroom overheated and began smoking.

The school has now been deemed a fire hazard.

News Power Now spoke with head of the National Parents Teachers Association, Zena Ramatili who said she is appealing to the PTA at Mayaro Government to re-connect with the association, as they parted ways with them two years ago.

Ramatali said the school’s PTA cannot stand alone in situations where they need full support to lobby on issues.

Ramatali says she awaits further word from the Mayaro Government Primary’s PTA to further evaluate the damage and have the necessary reports sent to the Education Ministry.

The Mayaro Government Primary school’s PTA has scheduled an emergency meeting for tomorrow to determine the best approach to having their issues addressed.