la brea protestSenior police officer warned of mass arrests if they continued to block access to the Union Industrial Estate, La Brea yesterday morning.

La Brea truckers began to stage a firey protest in an effort to bring awareness to their Member of Parliament, Energy Minister Nicole Olivierre.

The protests started around 7 am at the Union Estate roundabout an the Southern Main Road was blocked, preventing eight dump trucks and one water carrier truck, belonging to Junior Sammy Contractors Limited (Jusamco), from entering the Union Industrial Estate.

Meanwhile Energy Minister Nicole Olivierre said La Brea protesters were making her job difficult, and has thus called on her constituents to hold off on further protests.

Olivierre said Wednesday’s protest by truckers was a continuation of the protests residents had been engaged in over the past two weeks.

Urging residents to engage in dialogue rather than undertake protest action, Olivierre pleaded with them to hold off protests.