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MET forcast for today

weather picTrinidad and Tobago is not under any storm threat, however, bad weather will persist today.

This according to Piarco Meteorologist, Saide Shakeer, who is urging citizens to heed reports and advisories released by the Met Office to make informed decisions about their safety and security.

A MET Office release states that an active ITCZ remains over Trinidad and Tobago as partly cloudy to cloudy conditions continue with brief moderate showers some of which have been heavy and thundery.

Numerical Weather Prediction Models (NWP) forecast the ITCZ to remain over Trinidad and Tobago for at least the next 24 to 48 hours.

Rainfall activity is forecast to increase as the afternoon progresses particularly over Trinidad. Rainfall accumulations are forecast to range between 20 to 30 millimetres or even greater in some locations.

It should be noted that gusty winds and localized street/flash flooding may occur in the vicinity of heavy showers and thundershowers.

The possibility of landslides/landslips also exists.

Ms. Shakeer meantime notes that there was no release from the Met Office instructing employers to send their employees home due to imminent inclement weather yesterday.