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Millions of dollars in speeding tickets already issued to drivers for May month

The Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch conducted speed exercises at the start of May, which led to a number of drivers being ticketed.

Highway patrol officers along the main highways in Trinidad issued a total of 7,445 speeding tickets which calculated to $7.4 million dollars.

Other than speeding tickets, personnel of the Branch issued 5,503 tickets for varying traffic offences and performed 11,741 patrols.

Additionally, officers of the Branch, together with officers from the Licensing Office, having established a Truck Compliance Unit for the 2017 carnival celebrations, took this initiative to the Point Fortin Borough Day J’ouvert Celebrations, where 38 trucks were inspected and five persons were arrested for DUI’s.

There were 33 fatal Road traffic Accidents resulting in 36 deaths which represents 37 percent and 39 percent respectively.