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Minister Franklin Khan laments despite excessive spending by successive governments poverty level remains the same.

Minister Franklin Khan laments despite excessive spending by successive governments poverty level remains the same.

NEWS GRAPHIC 15Despite some $20 billion spent by successive governments over the past few years, the poverty level remains the same.

This is according to Local Government and Rural Development Minister Franklin Khan.
This was one of the issues he put forward as the Government consults on its proposed Local Government Reform that would see the disbanding of the Ministry of Local Government and transferring its responsibilities to the various regional corporations.

He made the comments at the Penal Secondary School on Wednesday night.

Khan said the distribution of social grants was plagued by corruption with holders of academic degrees receiving food cards as part of the Targeted Conditional Cash Transfer Programme. He said that was contained in a report currently before Cabinet.

He stated that the system of administration was poor and flawed so which left a fertile situation for corruption, leakage and families who were well connected, double dipping, triple dipping and quadruple dipping.

He claimed that there were people who were working with degrees and Masters, who were the recipients of a number of food cards.


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    Jerry Hussain 3 years

    And Mr Khan only comes to know this today. Again it is all about a few facts with a tremendous amount of spin to sway an already chunk of our society. Give us a break Mr Khan. Mr Khan we know about the corruption since before you became a politician. And nobody ever makes a jail for their corrupt ways in your time including you and the spin does not induce any change from over 50 years of PNM.

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    Jerry Hussain 2 years

    This is a worldwide issue (not just Trinidad and Tobago). If we wish we can learn from what pertains in other places in the world. Prince with all the fame and fortune and stardom fell to nothing other than drugs. IT IS ALL CHEMICALS THAT AFFECT THE HUMAN BODY ADVERSELY OVER TIME. Just like in the case of Michael Jackson and these things are covered up quite nicely to the rest of the world. and of course before them was Ray Charles. But then again there is Bill Crosby (THEIR BLUE EYED BOY) and his game and his demise. However I remember that the down fall of Drugs (CHEMICALS) that come in many forms generally legal and illegal and illegally obtained and are sold legally from the filthy rich that are in league with the bastard foreigners in our country…NOT THEIR COUNTRY. THEY ARE THE PROFIT/LOSS BEASTS THAT CONTROL EVERYTHING IN OUR COUNTRY. IN THEIR COUNTRY IT IS COMPLETELY A FAR DIFFERENT STORY. YET THEY ARE ONLY A BIG BUNCH OF DISGUSTING LIARS AND OBAMA LOST IT RECENTLY WITH HIS LAST MEET WITH THE PRESS DINNER (RIGHT ON N… comment) . Under all of this is a flawed system emanating in North America into radicalism. TRUMP IS JUST BRINGING ALL OF THIS OUT. And we copy them in every which way. Nevertheless I am a problem solver in my profession … a root cause specialist. NOT RECOGNIZED IN MY COUNTRY BECAUSE I DID NOT PULL THE RIGHT STRING WITH THE RIGHT FOREIGN GANGS MANAGING AND BLEEDING MY T&T EVER SINCE I KNOW MYSELF. It is not only the drug boys bleeding my country. It all started with the Brits, THE USA, the filthy french creole elements, the Syrians, the uncle toms and recently the recalcitrant minority who grew rich over time off the sweat from all or backs AND NOW FEEL THEY HAVE REACHED OF AGE AND ARE cheating us over time and still doing so. YES IT STARTED WITH DIVIDE AND RULE POLICIES IN OUR SLAVERY DAYS. And it is still here …divide them by spinning the truth into lies keeping so that we keep the poor poorer and poorer over time so that they remain the church rats. WHO ARE THEY SERVING? And in addition they are over taxing us all the time and are blowing all our tax dollars all the time. GOD DOH SLEEP. AND WE MUST CARRY ALL THE BURDENS POSED ON US BY THEIR LOUSY DECISIONS. And I will say this without prejudice. Unless the G8s stop the shit they continue to do in this world and not force the poor human being conditions on the third world and still that condition of today that leave us penniless and lawless because of those policies in exchange for exporting huge profits into their own country causing their own to turn to drugs then we all in the world will not pay darely because of this drug WORLD WIDE problem world. And of course we become refugees of the world. You know we are faced daily with policies like endless multitasking when our brains are clearly NOT designed this way is leading to this shit. Things like the bar is lower in your country…..WHEN FORT Mc MURRAY IS BURNING TO THE GROUND AS WE SPEAK. I REMEMBER THIS WAS A FAILED PROJECT BACK IN THE 70s WHEN I WAS A STUDENT AT THEIR LEADING UNIVERSITY. IN USA how many of the billions of USD pumped into the now presidential fight for the USA President will go into drug use? Places like Trinidad are the main supplier of those drugs either as a supplier or producer of these drugs. Yes we use some and yes we have gangs but WE DO PROVIDE ALL OF THE G8s. Do you not think that Joe Biden and Barrack Obama do not know the key money making players in the game in these G8s. They knew every detail of where Bin Laden was, did they NOT? A dottish former PM once told us he knows the big man, …WHAT DID HE DO ABOUT IT? And that is only one side of the huge equation. We know about the money laundering in Panama and generally Central America,,,,countries who are in a worse situation to ours. It is all about the rich and their limited heaven here on earth. God just does not say to us …do whatever you want with all his freeness given to us (in our free will). Instead He has allowed you in your life to look to Him when you are lost here. He also says to you I will be your greatest strength in your deepest lows. ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS LOOK TO HIM. HE IS EVERYWHERE. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. These are laws as quoted in the bible but there have consequences related to these laws. And we learn over and over all that our entire protected life is connected to respecting these consequences. Yes our entire life and our fairing in this life is related to how we address these laws. God forgives us all the time when we fall short for we are expected to fall short (we are imperfect, ALL OF US. Some bloggers here blame the Catholic Church for our predicament when we are in charge of our own consequences. But the problem with us is that we think we can hoodwink God and there is a thing called spin that we use to distract others (diversionary tactics)….BUT WE ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE IN THE LONG TERM. WE GENERALLY END UP LOOKING LIKE FOOLS. So Rowley needs to learn to deal with the problem AND NOT GIVE US MORE SPIN.