Minister of Communications Maxie Cuffie has given an assurance that his Government is committed to creating an environment for journalists to do their jobs freely.

In his World Press Freedom day message, the Minister, referring to the 2016 World Press Freedom Index, said Journalists Without Borders placed Trinidad and Tobago as 44 (out of 180 countries) with a score of 23.29.

Communications Minister, Maxie Cuffie

Minister of Communications, Maxie Cuffie

He revealed that the score placed this country in the “Satisfactory” category.

He said that the Government believed that better could be done to achieve a higher ranking.

He disclosed that it was for this reason the Government would continue to uphold the tenets enshrined in our body of laws so that journalists and other media workers were allowed to conduct their jobs freely and without any interference from Government

In a recent release, he said the Government understood that as a nation, we were evolving and developing.

Consequently, all channels would be pursued to strengthen the link between democracy and media.

He also promised that specific emphasis would be placed on the “Whistleblower” legislation and the review of the Telecommunications Act and Freedom of Information Act.

He said that Government also resolved to treat all media equitably as it moved to reduce the influence of state media.

The theme of this year’s World Press Freedom day is “Access to Information and Fundamental Freedoms. “This is your right.”