Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is dismissing claims by the National Security Minister that there are provisions in the law which allow the police to take action if people are congregating on private property. The contradiction in positions comes after Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley joined the ongoing commentary on the recent Bayside Towers pool party.

Dr. Rowley stated that the law should be applied across the board, which seemingly suggested that he believed the police did not apply the law equally. Following the Bayside event, several persons expressed the belief that the police had given preferential treatment to the group Bayside, by not arresting or fining those involved, but rather, issuing two warnings.

On Saturday Minister of National Security Stuart Young said there are special circumstances where the TTPS could intervene.

However, speaking on the Power Breakfast Show this morning, Commissioner Griffith said if the police were to follow Minister Young’s advice, they would be abusing the law and breaching people’s constitutional rights.