There continues to be some uncertainty by the driving public on the issue of stickers for vehicles older than five years.

Motorists have been warned to have their vehicles in order while using the nation’s roadways.

The warning came from senior Police and Licensing officials who noted that as of yesterday, exercises would be “ramped up” throughout the country to target vehicles being driven without inspection stickers, which carries a fine of $5,000.

However there has been some concern by members of the driving public of a shortage of inspection stickers at the various inspection bays.

Speaking this morning on the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102.1FM, Minister of Transport, Rohan Sinanan stated that there can be no charge if there is no inspection sticker once the vehicle has already been inspected and the relevant documents issued.

The Minister also revealed that while there was a shortage of stickers last year, inspection stickers were once again available at various inspection bays throughout the country.

But later in the programme questioned the minister’s assertions, one caller wondering whether the minister was aware of the law on this issue.

Some of them insisted they had been told by officers that they needed both the inspection certificates and stickers.

One caller even accused the Minister Sinanan of being ignorant of the law.

He said that he read the law and it clearly stats that both the inspection sticker and the inspection certificate had to be available.