The Education Ministry says it has standardized the registration process for primary schools across the country.

It explains that annually scores of parents reach out to the Ministry with concerns surrounding the registration process of first year students at primary schools.

The Ministry stated parents have expressed that they are sometimes made to line up outside of schools as early as 4am to receive a registration form.

In a media release today the Ministry noted that to quash this occurring in future it has developed standardized forms that will be used for registration at the nation’s schools.

To ensure equal access to registration at all schools the forms will be made available at the schools, at the District Offices of the Ministry of Education and online via the Ministry’s website at

The Ministry of Education said it is focused on ensuring equity, access and quality in education and to this end all primary schools have been issued a Memorandum from the office of the Chief Education Officer indicating that all registration is to be halted immediately until the standardization process is completed.