The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services is re-introducing the Direct Deposit system for clients who are in receipt of disability assistance, public assistance grants, and senior citizens’ pension.

A statement from the ministry said for March, approximately 18,000 recipients will joint the already 37,685 recipients who already receive their payments this way.

All beneficiaries transferring to the direct deposit system of payment will be notified one month prior to the transition as the system is being implemented on a phased basis, the ministry said. The initiative was piloted in 2013, and back then over 50 per cent of pensioners (approximately

36,781 positively responded to the receipt of their grant through direct deposit to their banks.

The ministry says the system provides a safe, reliable and preferred means for recipients to receive their funds.

the statement outlined that clients will be asked to complete an application form and return it to the nearest TTPost delivery or retail office or a Social Welfare Local Board office in their respective region as the Direct Deposit system rolls out. Those receiving grants will also be required to attach their bank account information and a copy of their computer-generated birth certificate, which will be used to update their existing records. The ministry says it will  make special arrangements for persons with disabilities who may not be able to open a bank account.

If you require further information, you can call 800-1MSD (800 – 1673) or visit a Social Welfare Office in your region. You may also visit