There is a promise today from the Ministry of Education that relief will be brought to students of the Tranquility Government Primary School.
A release by the Ministry has affirmed its commitment to having the air conditioning unit at the Institution fully restored within the next few days.
The release stated that the Ministry is aware of concerns expressed by parents over the delay in having this situation rectified.
Recently, officials of the Ministry of Education met with a delegation of the school’s Parents Teachers Association to discuss this issue.
Both teams agreed that the problem originated with the breakdown of the central air conditioning unit according to the release.
However, the parents were of the view that separate split units should be installed in each classroom. Arising out of these discussions, the Ministry of Education had asked EFCL to prepare a scope of works and costs for both the central air conditioning system and the split units.
The Ministry of Education is doing everything in its remit to ensure that the school’s teaching staff and students are comfortable in the environment in which they operate.
The Ministry of Education sought ensure parents that the issue was being treated as a matter of urgency and commended parents for their cooperation and patience.