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Mixed reports into Shooting involving the Police.

police shootingReports following the shooting death of a 21 year old Morvant man yesterday, at the hands of police indicate that the man had allegedly been on his way to murder Michelle Holder- the mother of young Jadel Holder and Jamal Brathwaite who were slain on Sunday.

Police claim, Chaquille Mc Coy was one of three men who had been walking along a track toward Petunia Avenue where the woman lives. Officers say they received information that the men were on their way to commit the crime and intercepted them moments prior, however they were fired at by the suspects and immediately returned fire, killing McCoy in the process.

Residents however argue otherwise, saying Mc Coy had been working at a construction site at the time of his killing. They say he had been cutting steel and he was shot in the back. Angered by what they say is an unfair killing, friends and family members blocked several roads in the Morvant area in protest. Three persons were reportedly arrested during the protest action yesterday.

Investigations continue.