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More focus on the operation of the Children’s Life Fund, in the case of Shannen Luke

sick-kidWith the stark reality upon the parents of four year old Shannen Luke that over 1 million dollars in debt now faces them upon return from their daughter’s medical trip overseas, one Opposition Senator is making it clear today that the Children’s Life Fund is not built from tax payer’s dollars.

Khadijah Ameen says while there may have been setbacks in the way the process was handled, a human outlook on the overall issue, is required at this time. Speaking with News Power Now this morning, Ms. Ameen called on Health Minister, Terrence Deyalsingh to act in a humane manner.

Speaking on the child’s health situation, Senator Ameen said Minister Deyalsingh must realize that if the child does not have the bone marrow transplant facilitated, her life could in fact, be at stake.

In a  report in today’s Express, attorney for the family, UNC Senator Gerald Ramdeen said the refusal to help the child’s family and leave them burdened with debt after raising the money themselves, speaks volumes about the true nature of the PNM government.