More investigations are being launched into what exactly caused a large number of fish to turn up dead in the Gulf of Paria.

The incident happened a few weeks ago and since then both the EMA and the fishermen and friends of the sea organisation have conducted tests.

now today comes word from the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Agriculture Ministry Claude Mc Kellar, that Petrotrin and other agencies will now join the probe.


Since the incident Vessigny Beach fisher folk have been up in arms over the current situations at the facilities as well as upgrades to be done to the area and loss in produce over the past few weeks.

Deputy PS Mc kellar, said a total of one million dollars was approved by the cabinet to be dispersed to fisher folk in an effort to assist those financially who are in need of support for their business, during this current downturn.


Mr. Mc Kellar was speaking on the Power Breakfast Morning Show on power 102.1 fm


Meanwhile the President of the La Brea Fisherfolk Association says if the Government is serious about stamping out corruption then upper management of the IMA and EMA must be suspended with immediate effect.

Alvin La Borde has made accusations of corruption with respect to missing test results done in the La Brea area.

He told News Power Now yesterday, that the only way to find out what is happening with results of tests done to ascertain whether or not there are contaminants present that have affected the water and marine life is to target upper management of the agencies who were tasked with conducting the tests.


Mr. La Boarde claimed that while the Environmental Management Agency and the Institute of Marine Affairs have conducted tests in the area, results produced from tests conducted appeared to be doctored.

He accused authoritative figures of putting money in their pockets and covering up the truth.