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More Jamaica athletes under doping microscope from Beijing Olympics, claims German Media

More Jamaica athletes under doping microscope from Beijing Olympics, claims German Media

Jamaica's , ChinaJamaica’s achievements at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China are coming in for more questions after ARD, a German broadcaster, alleged unreported cases of tainted samples.

According to ARD, small amounts of the banned substance, clenbuterol, had been found in retested samples from the games in Jamaican athletes.

The broadcaster further claims that the International Olympic Committe (IOC) were made aware of the findings from 2016 but made no move to continue investigations.

The 2008 Olympic Games were a breakout year for Jamaican sprinting with Usain Bolt leading the charge, notching three gold medals among 11 the Caribbean island claimed.

Jamaica’s 4×100 team was forced to return their gold medals from those games after Nesta Carter was charged with breaching anti-doping regulations after the banned substance, methyl-hex-e-ana-mine was found in a re-test.

There were no revelations about which athletes were alleged to have been found with the banned substances in their system, however, there has been an explanation from the IOC.

ARD quoted WADA director general Olivier Niggli, who said while the tests did show clenbuterol in some Jamaicans, the levels were so low that the findings could not point to cases of doping.

“If the amounts found are relatively low compared to direct intake of the substance, WADA accepts that such cases are not announced,” said Niggli.

According to a statement from WADA, samples from a number of athletes from a number of countries came up with the same findings. The contamination was listed as below 1ng/ml, which could be accounted for by the ingestion of tainted meat.

“To protect these innocent athletes, we cannot reveal any more details about them and we expect that these athletes’ rights are also respected in the media,” the statement read.

Clenbuterol came to prominence through popular cases like German sprinter Katrin Krabbe and more recently, Tour-de-France winner Alberto Contador.

Krabbe, along with teammates Silke Moller and Grit Breuer were banned for a year in 1992 by the German Athletics Federation before it was upgraded to two years by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF).

Krabbe successfully sued the IAAF to the tune of DM1.2 million.

Contador, a Spanish cyclist, was stripped of his 2010 Tour-de-France title and banned for two years.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport is in receipt of an appeal by Nesta Carter against the decision to strip him and the Jamaican sprint relay team of the sprint relay medals from Bejing.