Councilor for Cedros, Shankat Teelucksingh, is suggesting to the government that it consider seeking help from agencies such as the International Red Cross to deal with issue of illegal migrants coming into this country.

His request to the state comes on the heels of the capture of eleven immigrants in Erin on Tuesday.

Councilor Teelucksingh, speaking on the State of the Nation Programme on Power 102.1FM on Wednesday, said his proposal is an option that the ruling administration and the National Security Minister can explore.

Mr. Teelucksingh added that he plans to raise a motion on the said issue at a sitting of the Siparia Regional Corporation.

And on the heels of those arrests and detentions, Santa Flora police arrested four more Venezuelan nationals in another exercise in the Los Iros district last evening.

A statement from the TTPS says officers had cause to stop and search a brown Nissan Almera vehicle parked near a bar in the area. There they noticed two Trinidadian men and four Venezuelan nationals, including a 3 year-old boy. The adults ranged in age from 22 to 41.

The statement said all six persons were taken to the Erin Police Station, pending further enquiries, and that the Immigration Department has been contacted.