Mother of murdered Laventille teen speaks out

by | Jan 22, 2016 | 12 comments

de neil smith

17 yr old De-neil Smith, of Success Laventille Sec. school

In a reaction to the murder of her son yesterday, the mother of De-neil Smith, Betty Smith lamented the loss of her son.

In an exclusive interview with News Power Now she heartbroken woman revealed that she had no idea who would want to hurt her son.

She described him as a loving boy who had plans for his future.

In mourning the loss of her son, she said that she was told that her son begged for his life when he was murdered close to his home.

Smith was said to be an aspiring pilot who would attend and had been attending aviation classes every July-August vacation.

She said until it hits home, no one could truly know what it feels like to lose a child.

Mother of murdered student Betty Smith


  1. Anonymous

    It so sad what a dam shame. What is really going on in the country, it’s just a doth on the map. With one radio station &one TV station everything was good. Cable &modern technology came in and they copy what they see. They need prayers. Remember God don’t sleep there turn may be worst

  2. Linda

    Moms I am sorry for your loss. I know it’s a difficult burden to carry and nothing I can say to you would ease your pain. I a just plain sorry!

  3. Anonymous

    I am deeply sadden about this to know how this young man lose his life .My heart goes out to the family .I became a mother a 11/2 ago and I could never imagine going threw loosing my kid in this manner .RI P May God Holy Spirit welcome u .To the murder or murders your day will come…..

  4. petrina sandiford

    When a mother cries all mothers cry. My son attends said school, I cried like if is my child. He is 14yrs. May the pertual light shine upon him and may his soul rest in peace, amen

  5. Anonymous

    It’s so true what that mother said until it hits home you could never imagine the hurt you feel to lose a loved one like that

  6. lovin

    Rip. I think wrong place e at the wrong time. So sad

  7. Anonymous

    Rip. I think wrong place at the wrong time so sad.

  8. Samara Whittle

    Its so hard ro lose a child i felt it it could of been anyones child i felt wlvery hurt to hear n see dis news my condolences goes out to ur family

  9. Anonymous

    Who feels it knows

  10. Julz william

    Smh. Country getting more worst with crime …

  11. Anonymous

    Accept my condolences mom, it’s so sad that kids have to live through this type of life

  12. Ann

    For each person it is different and we can have sympathy with Mum but we can never feel HER pain.