MP Barry Padarath

MP Barry Padarath

MP Barry Padarath is being asked to clear up his statement on repaying $60,000 to the Parliament.

In a release issued by People’s National Movement Public Relations Officer Ronald Huggins, the Princes Town MP was told that the public needed to be informed whether or not Padarath had misrepresented the Parliament’s position and the Clark of the House by misleading the public into believing he could simply payback the $10,000.00 monthly salaries paid to his relative.

The release also noted that Padarath had breached the Parliamentary code and the Integrity in Public Life Act as a result by hiring his relative to work in his constituency office.

The release said that MP Padarath had to come clean on his offer to pay back the $60,000.00 as he claimed and not mislead the population into thinking that the Clerk of the House accepted the offer and his breach was resolved.

The release questioned whether or not the MP’s offer was accepted and if so, whether or not the same option would be extended to others.

The MP was also accused of seeking to trivialize he issue.

It also stated that the MP Padarath’s political leader had also refused to take a stand on his breach of the parliamentary code since Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar herself bore similar guilt.

The release accused Mrs. Persad-Bissessar of pleading ignorance.

It accused her of refusing to take action regarding her own breach of the code by having not one but two relatives employed at her constituency office.