david abdulah 2

Leader of the Movement for Social Justice, David Abdullah

There have been recent allegations made by United National Congress Senator and Attorney at Law Wayne Sturge which has been leveled against the Leader of the Movement for Social Justice and Fixin’ T&T.

They have been accused on remaining silent on important issues.

Chief among them is the alleged fiasco involving Housing Minister Marlene McDonald.

Ms. McDonald has been accused of helping a male companion to secure an HDC Home.

In an interview with News Power Now this morning David Abdullah leader of the MSJ, stated that he had no intention of becoming involved in a war of words with Mr. Sturge.

Wayne Sturge

Attorney at Law and Opposition Senator, Wayne Sturge

He claimed that the reason for the personal attacks made by Sturge had to do with his views expressed on the corruption within the United National Congress while they were in Government.

Leader of the Movement for Social Justice David Abdullah.