NEWS GRAPHIC 15The Movement for Social Justice has expressed its concern that no consultation has been done between the Union and Government ahead of the Mid-Term Budget Review.

In a release issued this morning, the MSJ noted it had submitted its proposals for emergency economic measures to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, in light of our current economic crisis.

It stated that to date the MSJ had received no response and is unaware, as is the rest population in general, about the specific measures which are to be presented on Friday 8th by The Minister of Finance in his midyear review.

It said that the presentation tomorrow should be seen as a necessity to restore some sense of hope that the current administration has a clear vision to steer the country clear of what the MSJ has coined as “the perfect storm”.

In his maiden budget presentation, the Finance Minister indicated that the time between the date of the election and the budget date did not provide him with enough opportunity for proper consultation.

As such the Honourable Minister indicated that time would be spent engaged in broad based national dialogue and he would return to the Parliament with a midyear review reflecting these talks.

However the MSJ stated that as far as it was aware, such a process had not taken place.

It said that there were some areas that were a matter of concern for example the serious issue of the oil and gas subsidy.

It revealed that consultation was needed urgently on these and other very important issues affecting the economy of Trinidad and Tobago.

Meanwhile, Leader of the Joint Trade Union Movement, Ancel Roget called on the Government to defer the presentation of the Mid-Term Budget Review until the Labor Movement could have an input.

JTUM met yesterday, with the Minister of Labour at Tower ‘C’ of the Waterfront Complex to discuss the measures that would be outlined in Friday’s Budget Review in the Parliament.


Leader of the Joint Trade Union Movement, Ancel Roget.