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MSJ concerned with Police Killings

MSJThe Movement for Social Justice is expressing its concern over the continued killing by police of youths in certain urban communities.

In a statement this afternoon, the M.S.J. called on the Police Complaints Authority to urgently conclude their investigations into a number of these cases which are before it.

M.S.J. insisted it is important that the public be informed of the status of the ongoing investigations as the current climate demands that the public have the utmost confidence in the PCA to carry out its functions fearlessly.

It warns if these killings continue and the communities believe that they will get no justice in these matters, it can result in a complete breakdown of trust in the police.

The media release said in such a scenario it becomes impossible for the police to obtain any assistance from the community in their investigations into criminal acts including the operation of gangs, and this further undermines the entire criminal justice system.