Political leader of the Movement for Social Justice, David Abdullah is calling for a resolution of the Venezuelan crisis before it leads to a civil war.

He made the call while speaking on sister station Boom Champions 94.1 FM on Sunday.

He explained that if no solution is forthcoming, this could lead to a dire situation.

Abdullah added that the consequences of such an outcome could be devastating not only for the people of Venezuela but the Caribbean region.


Yesenia Pledges Support For Guadio

Asylum-seekers from nearby Venezuela and those who have been living in Trinidad and Tobago for decades are unwavering in their support for Juan Guaido.

Human Rights Activist and T&T resident Yesenia Gonzales, told News Power that they recognise Mr Guaido as their country’s leader.

Ms Gonzales is still fuming at the slow pace, or apparent lack of interest shown by the Trinidad and Tobago Government is moving toward the Legislation regarding Venezuelan nationals seeking refugee status in T&T.

According to the vocal Gonzales, as a result, children of refugees are being deprived of getting an education.