MSJThe Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) is of the very strong view that the nation’s prison system is a “time bomb that can explode at any moment”. And while the bomb is ticking, the UNC government is fiddling. These were the sentiments shared in a release issued last evening by the MSJ.

The release also stated that so far removed is the Kamla Persad-Bissessar government from the reality of this crisis that in a period where there have been violent confrontations taking place in the prison, the murder of one prison officer and the shooting of another, the Prime Minister has the temerity to announce that, if re-elected, one of her party’s flagship projects will be to construct a “floating museum” above the “Royal Jail”.

The MSJ says that before any “floating museum” is even considered, priority must be placed on completely reforming the prison system.

The party says that such reform should include the construction of modern prisons that would allow each and every inmate to be treated humanely.

The release further indicated that the present conditions in the Remand Yard, where up to 15 men are locked up in one small cell with the only toilet facility being a bucket, must be ended!

They stated that such conditions are not far different from the conditions in which slaves were transported from Africa to the Caribbean and the Americas. they described that the conditions are utterly dehumanizing.