LOOPTT- An inter-agency team of emergency responders reported that recent activity at the mud volcano at the Devil’s Woodyard in New Grant, Princes Town, seems to be subsiding.

In an update posted Tuesday afternoon, following three confirmed eruptions of the mud volcano the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government said the alert level for the site is currently level 1—the lowest on its disaster management scale— which means the volcano is in a state where it poses no immediate danger to human life and there is so far no indication, based on seismic and other tests, that a hazardous eruption is imminent.

There has been some structural damage to the surrounding road but there’s a vast distance between the mud volcano and the nearest homes,” said Rishi Siew, the senior coordinator at the ministry’s disaster management unit. “A level 1 alert really means the regional corporation can handle the incident at this time since the volcanic activity does not disrupt or threaten the life or livelihood of any person or community.”

The ministry’s Level 1 rating is bolstered by the fact that air quality tests conducted by the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) at the New Grant site have so far returned normal results with only minimal traces of nitrogen dioxide detected.