Five years after the murder of Marcia Henville, the prominent, no holds barred journalist who seemed never afraid to ask the tough questions, the life of her son, was snatched at the hands of gunmen on Wednesday. Twenty-five-year-old Isaiah Chioke Cadet was killed while at Mehelal Street, Aranguez.

The circumstances surrounding Cadet’s death are yet to be revealed by police, however a second man survived the attack and is expected to assist police.

Isaiah Chioke Cadet

It is reported that shortly after 3 pm officers received a report about loud explosions being heard along Mehelal Street in Aranguez. When the officers arrived on the scene they found two men in the front seat of a Toyota motorcar with gunshot wounds. It appeared that Cadet had already succumbed to his injuries, while the second man who is yet to be identified, was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex to be treated for multiple gunshot wounds.

A team of homicide officers and officers of the North Eastern Division under Senior Supt Phillip and Supt Alexander scoured the area for clues in the shooting. Investigators yesterday said they had no clear motive for the killing at the time.

Some of Henville’s former colleagues expressed sadness over the incident, recalling how hard Henville had worked to educate her two children. Her daughter is said to be in foster care and the children’s father was detained for Henville’s murder in 2015.