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Murdered Kadir brothers….Police need public’s assistance…

Kadir brothersChairman of the San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation, Nafeesa Mohammed, is appealing to anyone with information on the murder of the Kadir brothers to come forward and assist the police in their investigations.Nafeeza mohammed

The EI Socorro teenagers, 17-year-old Jafar and 16-year-old Arshad Kadir were stabbed by bandits when they intervened to assist a friend who was being robbed of his smart phone.

The incident occurred after a football game at Aranjuez Savannah two Sundays ago, which the brothers and their friends had gone to watch.

The San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation has responsibility for the upkeep and security of Aranjuez Savannah, a popular venue for many sporting activities, fitness enthusiasts and families seeking recreation & relaxation.

Ms Mohammed said a decision was taken at the statutory Council meeting last Thursday to do as much within its limited resources to make the Aranguez Savannah safe.aranguez savannah

She said the Corporation needs to increase the number of municipal police assigned to it, but as an interim measure, it has approached the San Juan police to have more patrols in the area, especially at night when a number of reported robberies have been taking place.

Ms Mohammed added that the corporation will also attempt to undertake a long-term comprehensive solution to the safety of persons using the Aranguez Savannah.