Head of the Waajihatul Islamiyyah (The Islamic Front), Umar Abdullah, strongly condemns what he says is the “flagrant and wanton disregard” by police after several masjids were searched on Thursday.

In a statement issued this morning following the arrest of four people in connection with an alleged threat to ‘disrupt’ Carnival, Abdullah said the searches are an attempt to persecute Muslims.
Speaking with News Power Now this morning Abdullah said there is no threat to Carnival by Muslims in Trinidad and Tobago.

He said while the TTPS claims to have intel, they have found no evidence to support this. He said despite this, several Muslims were subjected to searches and mistreatment.

Mr. Abdullah said the Muslims were taken into custody without evidential support and up to news time they were still in police custody.

He emphatically stated that there is no threat to the population, from the Muslim community.