One Muslim leader, Iman Tau-lib Sirlz, says he is not satisfied with the responses as to why 15 Muslims were detained and subsequently freed after being allegedly linked to a Terror plot to destabilize Carnival celebrations this year.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show this morning, Iman Searles said that during last month’s meeting between the Prime Minister and members of the Muslim community, the Prime Minister made it clear that the target was not on Muslims.

He added that the Muslim leaders met with the Prime Minister as it was felt that some kind of justifiable information or evidence was in hand for the action that was taken to detain 15 persons. He said that there was a national issue and they went with an open mind to listen to what the Prime Minister had to say. However after the meeting they were not entirely satisfied as convincing evidence was not given at the meeting.

The Imam said that it is not unreasonable to pay particular attention to certain sects of the Islamic community given the concerns with the Muslim communities globally. They felt that the Prime Minster should be able to take a firm stand that this type of behaviour does not exist from his interactions with the Muslim leaders and communities in Trinidad & Tobago.

Seales said that he understands from a leadership perspective the gamble the government has to take in performing its duty.

The Imam futher said that the approach of government should have been to implement some comfort for persons who give counsel to persons in the gangs, so they are able to perform their duties. However he also said the Islamic leaders have to be careful how they manage persons coming to them who misinterpret the teachings of the Quran.