Since the recent killing of Selwyn “Robocop” Alexis on Sunday July 17th, and alleged gang member of The Unruly ISIS Gang in Chaguanas, Thomas Sharpe, aka ‘Hamza; Muslims across the country have come out to refute claims that the religion encourages violence.

Imam Edu Mohammed

Imam Edu Mohammed of Musjid Al-Kalifa

Speaking with the Power Breakfast show this morning, Imam Edu Mohammed of Musjid Al-Kalifa in Longdenville said over the past few weeks several individuals in the Central area have been a target relating to criminal activity, because of their religion.

Imam Mohammed said his organization is focusing on doing damage control to change the image of Islam and to let citizens know that there is no reason to be afraid.


Meanwhile…Coordinator of Musjid Kalifa, Abdullah Ferguson said the organization is engaged in a walkabout with Enterprise and Longdenville residents to merge the communities with existing border lines, through lectures and several activities, in an effort to end gang warefare.