Ummah T&T Muslim Federation is calling on the Water and Sewerage Authority to seriously rethink its decision to shut off the taps for more than 500,000 customers for just over two weeks.

The largest group of independent Muslim organizations headed by Imam Rasheed Karim says that WASA, and by extension, the government of Dr Keith Rowley, must be held to account to the affected people and the Hindu community in particular which will both be seriously disadvantaged. This as the Hindu population is currently observing one of their holiest periods in the year.

Imam Karim told News Power that while he appreciates that the Desalination Plant at Pt Lisas requires maintenance work, WASA and the PNM regime must not be tone-deaf to the religious, cultural, health and economic impact on productivity that their decision will have.


WASA’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Allan Poon King, has said that plans are in place to aid customers who will be affected by the shutdown.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show here on Power 102fm this week, Mr. Poon King admitted that while there are plans in place to mitigate the loss, there will still be a shortfall.

He said that based on the shortfalls there will be an increase in the number of WASA trucks made available to affected residents.

He also informed that there were discussions with DESALCOTT on the best time to carry out work on the plant.